AlexHost SRL is the TOP hosting partner in Moldova that you can only find among European providers. More than 10 years in the IT services market have allowed AlexHost to gain experience, thanks to which website hosting is provided at the highest quality level, worthy of only positive reviews. The company offers hosting in Moldova, Europe and around the world in data centers located in the eurozone. This guarantees stable access to your site from any computer in Europe.

It is also worth noting that hosting services are provided with DMCA ignoring.

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Plus, high-speed connection lines to foreign traffic exchange points provide instant loading of site pages from anywhere in the world.

Website hosting from AlexHost is provided on both Unix and Windows platforms. In addition, you can also rent a dedicated virtual VPS server to host websites or solve other web hosting tasks. And if this is not enough, then rent a physical dedicated server. You can order hosting immediately with domain registration in any of the popular domain zones of interest.

You can buy hosting on the official website – choose the package of services that suits your needs. Fill out an application and pay for services using online payment or by bank transfer. Cryptocurrency payment is also available. Within a few minutes you will get the necessary access to the server in order to host the site. Using the services of AlexHost SRL, you will always be sure that the safety of your data will be carried out through reliable equipment and regular backups.

Creation and launch of a project of any complexity on AlexHost hosting!

We will advise on all issues

If you don’t know where to start, Alexhost employees will advise you on all issues. They will tell you how to launch a website, register a domain, help with subsequent maintenance and support of the project.

European hosting at a discount

High-quality hosting in Europe with a 25% discount when paying for a 2-year plan. A definite plus will be referral affiliate programs, domains and SSL certificates at low prices.

Order hosting

Alexhost provides a guarantee for the quality of services: availability – 99.9%, if something does not suit you – we will return the money within 30 days after the first payment.

AlexHost offers several directions when choosing a hosting:

Let’s look at each direction in detail.

Litespeed Hosting

This service is represented by 3 tariff plans. I’m sure everyone will find the right option for themselves.

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The difference between this line and others is the use of the LiteSpeed web server on the servers, which in turn has a positive effect on information caching and site loading speed.

VPS Hosting

AlexHost provides you with both managed and unmanaged VPS servers.

This type of hosting is perfect for high-load sites and large stores, as the servers use powerful hardware: processors with a frequency of up to 5 GHz and new super-fast NVME disks. Another control panel is also available to choose from – DirectAdmin.

Unmanaged VPS

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Managed VPS VIP

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Dedicated Servers

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In this line, you will have access to the WHM / cPanel control panel.


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All tariffs are located on servers with SSD drives. The hosting uses the cPanel control panel. It has a free website builder and CMS auto installer. Backup – automatic. Data centers are located in Moldova, the Netherlands.

Colocation in Moldova Server and Rack

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3 tariff plans are available. Free consultation of specialists; Complex of solutions Colocation + communication channels. User support 24/7. 24/7 monitoring and support. Protected node. Climate control.

VPN server

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There is only one total rate available. The quality is up to par. Check it out for yourself and you will understand what we are talking about!

WordPress Hosting

Managed, Fast & Secure

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The price for this hosting is the same as for virtual hosting, the same amount of sites and disk space is provided. The main difference from virtual hosting is that it already has WordPress CMS preinstalled + LiteSpeed technology is used.

Payment Methods

You can pay for hosting using the classic methods: PayPal, Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard), Webmoney.

And also with the help of cryptocurrencies. The following tokens are available: 

Want to know more about us? Visit Datacenter and Location and other related pages in our website and you will find out more information about us.

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